A True Story

25 Jan 2018   |   by Alex   |    Uncategorized
I am Sam...

More voyeur than participant.

Growing up i’d choose to take a step back and watch rather than join in. Not because I didn’t enjoy playing football, catching insects, playing arcades or climbing trees. I did. But I felt I learned more from other people’s successes, failures, enjoyment and heartbreak.

Watching a friend climb a tree quickly and clumsily to the very highest branch, slipping and kicking their way past stump and bush, reaching the top before turning, raising an arm with fist clenched and victoriously exclaiming “yes!”. Everything about watching that was thrilling to me. Certainly more thrilling than climbing the tree myself.

Sitting with 3 teenage friends playing FIFA International Soccer on the Sega Genesis – generation spoiler alert – I would decline the opportunity to take control of a team because with only my cup of tea to distract me I could focus on absorbing every pass, flick, tackle, save, goal, the joy of celebration and control-throwing despair of a loss without so much as tapping a button or turning a joystick. I observed and appreciated.

Today it’s different. I’ve grown up. I have to participate. Which leaves me less time to sit back and watch.

Which is what True Stories is about. Meeting people and learning from them. Documenting defining moments. Uncovering truths. Listening to the successes, failures, enjoyment and heartbreak of everyday life…

…and sharing them with you.